Saint Patrick Catholic School believes that the ultimate goal of education is to give back. Ours is a community defined by giving and servant leadership – a community that grows stronger through the participation of every member. Fundraising and volunteer activities celebrate, honor, and perpetuate this spirit of servant leadership – a tradition that focuses both on supporting our school today and on securing educational opportunities for future generations.

One of our goals at Saint Patrick Catholic School is to instill in students a sense of giving and service. In a way, we are raising an army of philanthropists, one student at a time. Your support today will come back to our community many times over, for decades to come.

Adair Wells
Director of Advancement

Michelle Kellam
Advancement Coordinator & Admissions Associate

Erika McCullough
Donor Management & Volunteer Coordinator

Dan Pellegrino
Development Coordinator,
Alumni and Community Engagement

Jeanne Marie Liggio
Communications Coordinator/Webmaster
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