Total Formation: The Graduate at Graduation

The Graduate at Graduation is a guiding curriculum comprised of forty-three goals that all Saint Patrick Catholic School students aspire to achieve by graduation. This document drives Saint Patrick’s student programming as well as our mission to develop the whole child, socially, academically and spiritually. Unlike externally driven performance standards, these goals are intended to inspire student motivation and foster student autonomy in self-reflection and decision-making. Students have opportunities throughout the school year to reflect on how well they are achieving these goals and on what they need to do to reach goals not yet realized. The creation and use of a "Journey Portfolio" is one of many ways students reach the goals set forth in the Graduate at Graduation.

List of 7 items.

  • Life of Mind: A Scholarly Approach to Learning

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will develop a methodical and reasoned approach to learning and problem solving. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:

    • Demonstrated the ability to think critically, act creatively and carefully solve problems;
    • Demonstrated effective written and oral communication skills necessary to successfully pursue advanced education;
    • Demonstrated the ability to work collaboratively in small and large problem solving groups;
    • Demonstrated an ability to use technology creatively and usefully;
    • Demonstrated evidence of original authorship and academic integrity;
    • Demonstrated quality work in academics, sports, and the arts;
    • Developed the art of negotiating disputes in a reflective manner;
    • Demonstrated a sense of personal organization including time management, prioritizing, and the ability to implement a plan;
    • Developed the art of questioning in order to define and solve problems;
    • Demonstrated the ability to analyze, synthesize and evaluate information from a wide range of sources; and
    • Exhibited confidence and skill in public speaking.
  • Life of Mind: A Commitment to Wisdom and Lifelong Learning

    The students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will comprehend the pursuit of truth as an active, life long experience and that all education is ultimately self-education. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:
    • Developed an appreciation for varying world views;
    • Developed a quest for balance and harmony in life, being able to establish personal boundaries while respecting others;
    • Demonstrated an ability to reflect upon one’s personal experiences in order to form judgments and make needed changes in one’s life;
    • Demonstrated a capacity for critical thinking and reflective problem solving;
    • Demonstrated a work ethic which reflects the perseverance necessary for success;
    • Demonstrated growth and learning from the joy of success and the frustration of failure; and
    • Demonstrated a creative intelligence and imagination in a variety of disciplines.
  • The Physical Life: Responding to the Spirit

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will recognize the value of healthful living. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:

    • Demonstrated a commitment to healthful nutrition and exercise as preventive measures for illness and a means of experiencing life more fully;
    • Demonstrated a commitment to physical self-improvement by engaging in an ongoing program of exercise;
    • Demonstrated the values of discipline, perseverance and courage from participating in sports and athletic events; and
    • Shown the virtue of teamwork and cooperation through team sports, clubs or community projects with peers.
  • Life of Relationship: Moral Judgement

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will develop a strong sense of self worth and compassion for others which leads to the establishment of meaningful relationships. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:
    • Demonstrated an awareness of God's love by extending that love to self, family, friends, and the communities to which she/he belongs;
    • Demonstrated the ability to make responsible decisions based on Christian values;
    • Demonstrated an ability to form lasting friendships and respectful relationships;
    • Demonstrated empathy for others, especially those from races, religions ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds different from his/her own;
    • Supported the school community by actively participating in the life of the school, its mission and philosophy; and
    • Demonstrated a practical understanding of human behavior.
  • Life of Relationship: A Commitment to Peace and Justice

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will develop an awareness of social problems on local, national and global levels. Students will be catechized to work for peace and justice in the community as a compassionate, ethical and intelligent problem solver. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:
    • Articulated and acted upon a value system guided by spiritual values that confront disregard for human life and denial of human rights;
    • Developed a thirst for justice and a willingness to work to see it become reality;
    • Demonstrated a love for the environment and a willingness to protect it;
    • Articulated the connection between faith and a commitment to helping the poor, sick and forlorn; and
    • Developed an understanding of conflict resolution and successfully applied it in daily living.
  • Life of Vocation: Discerning the Call to Servant Leadership

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will learn the principles and skills of servant leadership. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:

    • Demonstrated an understanding that Christian leadership is centered in building the Kingdom of God by serving others;
    • Exhibited an ability to follow well in preparation for leading well;
    • Demonstrated leadership in a variety of school settings;
    • Demonstrated an understanding of manners and a sense of courtesy;
    • Recognized the value and necessity of citizenship in a republic and community service;
    • Developed a commitment to service, especially to the poor.
  • Life of Spirit: Spiritual Growth

    Students of Saint Patrick Catholic School will develop a personal spirituality based on prayer, faith tradition, relationship with community and living their faith in the world through service. At the time of graduation, the Saint Patrick Catholic School student will have:

    • Demonstrated a knowledge of the Church's teaching about Jesus Christ as well as the sacramental expressions of His mission;
    • Demonstrated an understanding of the relationship with Jesus that manifests itself through service and a commitment to social justice;
    • Evaluated moral choices and issues based on a well formed conscience and the teachings of the Church;
    • Developed an awareness of other religions and an appropriate respect for their beliefs;
    • Developed an ability to articulate one's own faith and beliefs;
    • Developed the skills necessary for the continuing quest for self-understanding;
    • Demonstrated a discipline of self that transcends place;
    • Developed a deep sense of spirituality and a desire for spiritual growth; and
    • Demonstrated a sense of economy and balance in one’s life.
"While I was a student at Saint Patrick, I had close relationships with my teachers. When I got to high school, I found that I had an advantage over my peers in my ability to create relationships with my teachers and to advocate for myself."

--Renee, Graduate of The Medical and Health Specialties Program at Maury High School