In the Spring of 2018, Saint Patrick Catholic School was selected to send four middle school faculty members, Christopher Chagnon, Ashley Costanza, Louise Schaeffler, and Amber Seeley, as Fellows in the 2018 cohort of the Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellowship. These teachers were selected as one of 10 schools in the program's fourth cohort and joined over 90 teachers from 39 schools from the program's first three cohorts.

The Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows is a competitive, three summer, two school year program that seeks to improve STEM teaching and learning for all students engage and excel in the STEM disciplines through research and the translation of research into practice. Fellows attend three Summer Institutes at the University of Notre Dame. Throughout the school year, they will receive content specific coaching for their instructional practice and targeted support as they expand access to and opportunities for STEM learning in their school and their community.

At the Summer Institutes, Fellows participate in three modules: 1) STEM Integration; 2) Core Instructional Practices; and 3) STEM Impact Plan. Themes of equity, access, and leadership are woven throughout the Summer Institutes.

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