We are proud to be a part of the strong and long-standing legacy of Catholic education. The beliefs and practices set forth by the Roman Catholic Church and articulated in the religious education program of the Diocese of Richmond are the bedrock of our mission. At the heart of an authentic Catholic school is an emphasis on the value of human life, and the importance of being guided by justice, morality, and fairness amidst the challenges of modern society.
An important part of Catholic education is found in its warm embrace of ecumenism. Respecting that each individual is responsible for his or her own faith journey is an integral aspect of developing a mindful conscience and an understanding of Catholicism. While families regularly choose to become Catholic as a result of a Catholic school experience, the mission of a Catholic education is not to proselytize. Our Catholic school encourages each child to be the best member of their own faith tradition that they can possibly be, recognizing that individuals understand and serve God in diverse ways.

We Believe . . .

The Saint Patrick Catholic School community believes . . .
  • All Saint Patrick Catholic School teachers and staff are religious educators and are responsible for modeling faith.
  • Faith and values should be integrated into the school curriculum and teachable moments on issues of faith should be captured.
  • In an atmosphere that is authentically Catholic and warmly ecumenical so that each student can articulate his or her own faith and beliefs.
  • Regular daily prayer is essential to developing faith, and we provide prayer corners in every classrooms.
Whatever the faith tradition, community members at Saint Patrick Catholic School join together in friendship and warmth to express a common Christian heritage.