A rich curriculum of academics taught to students creates life-long love learning. The language arts program helps all students to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, to use language proficiently and for a variety of purposes, and to think clearly and read independently and strategically. A conceptual approach to mathematics is emphasized to teach students through models and problem solving. Social studies and science instruction assists students in becoming humane, informed, and engaged citizens. Children come to understand that decisions and problem solving in these disciplines have both positive and negative consequences, are influenced not only by knowledge and understanding but also by values and beliefs, and require both an individual and collective sense of responsibility.
Humanities are essential to the lower school experience and include a visual arts studio program, musical performance, foreign language, religion, and health and physical education. Through active and hands-on learning, creations, communications, and performances, children of all ages gain self-confidence, better demonstrate their understanding, and form a greater appreciation for these disciplines in their daily lives.
Our authentically Catholic and warmly ecumenical school community encourages children to actively participate in and create experiences that build the Kingdom of God and aid in their personal spiritual development. Through guidance in prayer, religious education, and service, children learn to hope and inspire us all to strive for a better world.

Jan White
Director of Studies
Director of Lower School

At the heart of this school are the relationships.  I love that my child in Kindergarten has a real connection with her 8th grade prayer buddy.

--Tessa Robinson, Wolfhound Parent