The Middle School Advisory Program fosters a positive school environment by creating an atmosphere of trust, communication, and community for all students. Advisory groups consist of seven to nine students and give students an opportunity to discuss issues that are significant to adolescents.
Students are assigned to an advisor and remain with that advisor during their middle school years, grades 6-8.  This consistent relationship enhances students’ sense of belonging and also serves as the primary link between home and school.
The goals of the advisory program include:
Developing a sense of a small family unit within a larger school environment
Building relationships with students outside one’s own peer group
Providing a safe environment for dialogue that supports character development, with a focus on traits such as perseverance, integrity, and honesty
Creating a sense of responsibility by having older students serve as mentors to younger students in their group, helping them adjust to Middle School

By providing consistent adult guidance, connection, and communication, the Advisory Program helps students build caring relationships and effective skills for personal and academic success.