Katie Hogge - Class of 2008

Langston Godwin - Class of 2014

Zach Tekamp, Lee Hogge, Alec Tekamp - Class of 2011
"I don't believe being able to speak publicly is something you are born with.  I think it is developed and nurtured and if you can communicate well you can really connect with people.  And that is something at Saint Patrick that the children learn from a very, very early age."
-Adrienne Sullivan, parent
"Saint Patrick's capstone concept of total formation and education of children, coupled with this school's steadfast focus on character development, leadership, and community, unquestionably make it the best place for our children to grow and flourish.  I have been exposed to many leadership personalities, styles and frameworks during my time at VMI, as a Naval officer, and now in the private sector. Saint Patrick's ethos embodies the best practices of leadership and learning, with the goal of embedding those concepts into their graduates for their lifelong pursuits.  This is the school my daughters proudly attend. When I drop them off in the carpool line each morning, there is no sign of trepidation or unease.  Instead they are filled with joy and energy and are eager to begin another great day of learning."
-John Chandler, parent 
"Every parent's dream is for their children to be happy everyday and to become a complete and well-rounded person…STPCS works to fulfill that dream. I deeply believe in strong academics and strong athletics, but deeper still in being a good person that makes the right choices, and believes in God. Nothing is more important than God and family, so I thank Him for my husband and four children.  To entrust STPCS with what I value most shows how highly I think of the school."
- Sharon Sadr, parent
"As new members of the Saint Patrick’s family, we have always felt welcomed and encouraged to participate. Both staff and other parents have truly extended themselves to make us feel a part of the community.  The school has allowed both of our boys to shine this year.   There is no better place to nurture and protect our children while allowing them to grow and expand their worlds.  We love STPCS!"
-Dave and Michelle Hoang, parents

Chris Tan, Lower School & Middle School parent

Jean Masterson, Lower School parent

Meg Lassalle, Faculty & parent

John Lewis, Lower School & Middle School parent

Lee Joly, Parent of Alumni