Students are empowered to use current and relevant technologies to enhance learning, nurture creativity and innovation, problem solve, and meet the increasing challenges of an information based society in a manner reflective of Gospel values and Catholic Social Teachings.
Teachers strategically and intentionally use developmentally appropriate instructional strategies and technology to best meet diverse learning needs, support students' collaborative learning and development as responsible digital citizens.
Parents are empowered through shared knowledge and best practices focused on the appropriate used of technology and media, including social media and gaming, to help inform their decisions about using these power technology based tools and applications both at school and home.


Technology Requirement: Middle School Only

Students in grades 5-8 must Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD); our students use Google Chromebooks. Any Chromebook that runs on ChomeOS is permitted. No Mac or Windows-based devices are permitted unless a students has a documented accommodation with which an iPad or laptop may be of assistance.