Saint Patrick Catholic School Pre-Kindergarten 4 program helps children find joy in each day and ignites their passion for learning through gentle guidance, love, support and laughter. The program is grounded in early childhood development research and focused on the cognitive, social, physical and spiritual growth of young children. 

Children experience guided play, group learning time, and differentiated, hands-on learning activities each day. Readiness skills, art, music, and movement are all integrated into the day to fully engage children and encourage their natural curiosity of the larger world. The classroom is a positive environment comprised of a community of learners who work together to discover through interactions with each other, their teachers, and materials. 

Throughout the year, educators support independence and promote language development. Children are taught by caring, master level teachers to solve problems creatively and reflect on their learning and choices. Parents and teachers are partners in helping every child develop as divine sparks of God.