Evenings at Saint Patrick is a series of quality enrichment classes for adults in the Hampton Roads community, with some kid-friendly classes, too. Classes will be in person beginning in February and will run through March, with some additional classes in late spring. This year marks the 19th anniversary of these fun and engaging one-night classes covering topics such as cooking and wine, history and health, arts and crafts, and everything in between. The class selections become the focus of many conversations in restaurants, at social gatherings, and among families and friends. 
Evenings at Saint Patrick is a fundraiser to benefit Saint Patrick Catholic School Financial Assistance. Our instructors donate their time and talents and our sponsors generously support this program. With applications for financial aid increasing every year, funds raised through Evenings make possible a Saint Patrick education for those who might not otherwise afford it. Approximately three out of every ten students at Saint Patrick Catholic School receive financial assistance. Our goal is to continue to make the school accessible and affordable to all.