How to Apply

The following steps must be completed in order to be considered for admission to Saint Patrick Catholic School. Please contact the Admissions Office at (757) 213-0842 with questions about the required elements detailed below.

Steps to Apply:

List of 5 items.

  • Step 1: Application

    Enrollment applications are completed online. Here is the link to apply: Admissions Application

    Applications that are submitted by December 1st are considered in the first wave of admissions. After that date, applications are processed on a rolling basis.

    If you need a more information, please contact the Admissions Office at (757) 213-0842.
  • Step 2: Snapshot Informational Tour

    Our tours are designed to provide parents with the best possible opportunity to "get to know" Saint Patrick. The tour serves as an introduction to our curriculum that is structured around the intentional total formation of every student. Parents will hear directly from our students as they describe their growth and formation during their time at Saint Patrick.

    It is preferred that parents attend a Snapshot during the admissions process to give families a greater understanding of our school's mission and to help generate questions for further discussion.

    Please RSVP for a Snapshot Tour. We hope to see you soon!

  • Step 3: Family Interview

    When your application is received by the Admissions Office, you will be able to self schedule a family interview on your student's Admissions Progress page.
    Your interview with the Director of Admissions will serve as an opportunity to develop your understanding of the Saint Patrick Catholic School philosophy. It will also allow us to begin a dialog of parent collaboration that is the cornerstone of our belief that parents are the primary educators.
    Plan to spend approximately 60 minutes during this visit. Bring the following documents to the Family Interview:
    • Applicant’s original birth certificate
    • $75 application fee (per applicant, cash or check only)
    • Parent Student Survey (available on your student's Admissions Progress page)
    • Photo of the applicant (optional)
    • If applicable, a copy of any educational evaluation performed by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor.
  • Step 4: Academic Records, Teacher Recommendation, and Parish Recommendation

    Parents will submit the teacher recommendations directly from the Candidate's Admissions Progress page through email. They will submit the Record Release form to their student's school office.

    Saint Patrick Catholic School will review student records, teacher recommendations, and a parish recommendation (Catholic applicants only) for all Candidates as part of the admissions process. 

    Record Release Form — Login to MySTPCS > Click candidate’s name to go to the Admissions Progress page > Click School Records > Click Download
    • Print and fill out the form completely. Take it to your child’s current school. They will send a copy of your child’s records directly to Saint Patrick for the purpose of admissions.
    Teacher Recommendation Form — Login to MySTPCS > Click candidate’s name to go to the Admissions Progress page > Click Start under the Teacher Recommendation step to email the form to your child's current teacher.
    • Candidates applying for grades 6-8 must request an Online Teacher Recommendation from their current English teacher and one from their current Math teacher. 
    Parish Recommendation Form* — Login to MySTPCS > Click candidate’s name to go to the Admissions Progress page > Click Parish Recommendation > Click Download
    • The Parish Recommendation is only a requirement for families who are registered parishioners at a Catholic church. 
    • Print and fill out the top box of the form. Take it to your parish office. The Church will complete the form, and mail it back to Saint Patrick.
  • Step 5: Admissions Assessment

    • All applicants (Kindergarten-8th grade) will complete a writing sample during the family interview.
    • Pre-Kindergarten applicants will participate in a classroom experience. Plan to spend approximately 60 minutes. 
    • Pre-Kindergarten applicants may also be observed in their current preschool setting as a part of the Admissions Assessment. This is scheduled by the Director of Admissions with the applicant's preschool director.
    • Testing is scheduled for rising Kindergarten through rising 4th grade students with the Director of Admissions. Plan to spend approximately 35- 60 minutes for these assessments, depending on grade level.
    • Testing for rising 5th-8th grades consists of taking the ISEE. You will receive directions on how to schedule the exam during the admissions process.
    *Prospective students are often invited to spend a day shadowing a current student as part of the admissions process. We may also require applicants to complete additional assessments.*
Saint Patrick Catholic School admits qualified students of any race, color, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or disability (if reasonable accommodations can be assumed by the school).