The James Barry-Robinson Trust is committed to making the Saint Patrick Catholic School education accessible to all parents and their children. The significant expense of acquiring, constructing, and equipping the campus was funded entirely by The Trust, thus there is no capital debt incurred by our families. Furthermore, the James Barry-Robinson Trustees have made an enormous commitment toward offsetting the operating costs of a Saint Patrick education in order to maintain the lowest possible tuition. The cost to educate each child is approximately $20,000 per year. However, tuition is set much lower. After taking into account all fees, every child is receiving a “silent scholarship” of thousands of dollars per year. This remarkable financial commitment to Catholic education by any one group is extremely rare.


Grade Level Tuition Enrollment
PreK Half-Day
$7,917 $425
PreK Full Day
$11,150 $425
Lower School (K) $13,389 $425
Lower School (1st-4th) $13,504 $425
Middle School (5th/6th) $14,516 $425
Middle School (7th/8th) $14,539 $425

Tuition includes dining, textbooks, subscriptions, instructional materials, field trip fees, Diocesan student accident insurance, and a student Celtic Council fee. All students participate in our family-style dining program. 

Tuition payment options: Annually in July (2.5% discount on tuition), Semi-annually in July and December (2% discount on tuition), or monthly payments (July – April). Tuition refund insurance plan offered for 2.6% of the cost of tuition. This is billed in July.
Enrollment Fee: This $425 fee helps to offset registration, athletic, technology, and activity expenses. A deposit of two hundred and twenty-five dollars ($225) is due with the signed contract.
Dining Service: All students participate in our family-style dining program (More on this here).
Uniforms:Uniforms should be purchased through Flynn O'Hara. They can be contacted for information either online at Flynn O'Hara Uniforms or by visiting the store in Virginia Beach. Additionally, parent volunteers have organized a “Hound Down” Shop that is open a few times each school year. This is the perfect opportunity to donate and/or purchase gently-used uniforms as an option.
Technology Requirement (MS only): Students in grades 5-8 must Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD); our students use Google Chromebooks. No Windows-based devices are permitted unless a student has a documented accommodation with which a laptop may be of assistance. Click here to view a list of acceptable Chromebooks. 

Extended Care: See program hours and fees here.

Saint Patrick Catholic School understands that tuition and fees can be expensive for families. In addition to the "silent scholarship," The James Barry Robinson Trust has set aside a Financial Aid fund. Annual financial aid is distributed based on need. School officials use the School and Student Services (SSS) through the National Association for Independent Schools (NAIS) to assist in determining need. For further financial aid information, please click here or contact Jamye Brown, Director of Financial Aid, at 757 213-0847 or email

Financial Policies

Saint Patrick Catholic School financial policies are as follows:

  • Enrollment of a student is understood to be a full-year contract.
  • Each semester must be paid to date before a student will be admitted to the next semester.
  • The first payment of a student's tuition is due July 31st prior to the student's first day of class.
  • If a student should fail to complete the academic year at Saint Patrick Catholic School, parents will be responsible for all costs yearly incurred including the academic quarter of withdrawal.
  • Report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and recommendations will not be issued until financial obligations are fulfilled.
Saint Patrick Catholic School admits students of any race, color, gender, ethnicity, national origin, or disability (if reasonable accommodations can be assumed by the school).