Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in Saint Patrick Catholic School. We hope you will take this opportunity to get to know the many wonderful and unique aspects our school can offer you and your family.

Please keep in mind as you explore our website to learn of our school’s story:

First, our faith-learning community is authentically Catholic and warmly ecumenical. We believe in every member of our community working together to produce a joyful school culture grounded in Christian values and focused on the individual student. We also honor the importance of fostering positive relationships, between and among all groups within our school community. Our staff works diligently to help students, younger and older, to build, nurture and maintain healthy relationships.

Second, our school vision is to guide students toward independence in striving for quality and goodness in every phase of their development. We encourage students to develop a growth mindset, the belief that there are no preordained limits to the brain’s capacity to learn and the acceptance that failure is an important part of growth. With this approach, students perceive challenges as opportunities and cultivate determination, resilience, perseverance, and grit. The ultimate goal is for students to realize their human potential as to better know and serve God, our community, and our neighbors. We hold these same expectations of quality and goodness for ourselves. Our staff serves as role models for students by living the messages we convey to our students.

Third, in assisting students to become self-motivated and confidently capable of solving their own challenges, our school community ascribes to many of the ideals of education reformer William Glasser. By integrating Dr. Glasser’s understanding of motivation and quality into the classroom, students learn about human behavior and better understand that the only people they can truly control are themselves. In 2009, Saint Patrick Catholic School was recognized by the William Glasser Institute as a Glasser Quality School. Our community is seeing the dramatic, positive impact that this work is having in the capacity, confidence and sense of responsibility of Saint Patrick Catholic School graduates and students.

While our work as educators is driven by numerous beliefs about teaching and learning, the three points listed above will help you capture the unique character of our school where all members of our community work warmly and collaboratively to in assisting students to choose and actualize their highest destiny. This is our important mission. For a more detailed look at our unique program, read our Vision and Practice Document.

We are about great work! I cannot think of anything more important than facilitating the growth and development of youth. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of our staff with questions or comments that you may have.

Yours joyfully and faithfully,

Stephen J. Hammond, Principal

Steve Hammond
(757) 440-5500