The Saint Patrick Catholic School Journey Portfolio is a collection of student work, chosen by students themselves, that represents each individual’s progress, experiences, reflections, and achievements.
The Journey Portfolio Process begins in kindergarten and continues through eighth grade. Self-reflection starts at the earliest ages with students drawing pictures and dictating their meaning to the teacher.  Over the years, students write about their growth and development and include related artifacts in the portfolio. Artifacts can be homework assignments, tests, pieces of artwork, or any piece of the school experience a student chooses to include.

The portfolio process is a powerful exercise in self-reflection, which encourages self-reliance and ethical problem solving helping Saint Patrick students grow to become responsible, confident and mature graduates.
The Journey Portfolio is a primary tool for discernment, which invites self awareness, self reflection and self evaluation leading to establishing personal goals.  

Students reap other benefits from this process as they: 
  • Realize their work has personal relevance
  • Determine meaningful work 
  • Reflect on their strengths and challenges
  • Observe their own progress over time
  • Perceive mistakes and successes as equal learning opportunities 
  • Feel ownership and pride in their work