STEM News: Notre Dame Visits STPCS

Saint Patrick Catholic School was pleased to welcome Dr. Chrissy Trinter from the University of Notre Dame on February 21st.  An Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education in Notre Dame’s Center for STEM Education, Dr. Trinter was on campus to connect with the Saint Patrick Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows.

After being welcomed by students at Middle School Assembly, members of Legati led Dr. Trinter on a Snapshot tour of the school before she embarked on a day full of conversations and classroom visits.  Mr. Hammond, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Anderson were able to provide valuable feedback about how they see the STEM Team’s work supporting the mission and vision of the school, while Mr. Chagnon, Mrs. Costanza, Mrs. Schaeffler, and Ms. Seeley demonstrated how STEM looks in the Middle School across their different content areas.  Dr. Trinter noted examples of core instructional practices shared in the Fellowship’s Summer 1 Modules during the lessons she observed about integers, absolute value, mixture problems, and even a little bit of The Bronze Bow novel study!

Inspired by a spirit of collaboration, Mr. Grochmal and Dr. Strauss embraced an opportunity to chat with our special guest, explaining how the nature of the Trustey Fellowship has begun to seep into the culture of the Math and Science departments and on the hall in general.

Dr. Trinter’s visit was one punctuated by the themes of positivity and support.  During a working lunch
with the STEM Team and administrators, it was clear that trusting relationships, which are the heart and soul of Saint Patrick, are a key component of the Fellowship, which is committed to the total formation of teachers as lifelong learners through collaboration and encouragement.  Moreover, as Dr. Trinter sought feedback from our core four team members, it was clear that the tenant that “quality always improves” is an idea shared between Saint Patrick and Notre Dame.

Notably, Virginia is familiar territory for Dr. Trinter.  She worked at the University of Virginia from 2009 to 2012, receiving her Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the institution in 2011. Afterward, she taught at Virginia Commonwealth University from 2012 until settling at Notre Dame in 2017.  Dr. Trinter’s professional connections bring her to Hampton Roads often, with a network reaching well beyond the walls of Saint Patrick Catholic School; annually, she leads professional development opportunities for Virginia Beach Public Schools.
Saint Patrick Catholic School thanks Dr. Chrissy Trinter for taking the time to visit our community and for her ongoing support of our Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows!