Christian Unity Day

At Saint Patrick Catholic School, we take pride in being “Authentically Catholic and Warmly Ecumenical” and understand the importance of recognizing and celebrating what we have in common with friends of other faith traditions. When Pope John XXIII opened the Second Vatican Council in 1960, he made it clear that he regarded the unity of Christians as a major concern of the Council. In this spirit of ecumenism, the Catholic Church sets one week aside each year in January to celebrate Christian Unity.
Each year, Saint Patrick celebrates Christian Unity Day by inviting our area pastors, priests, and ministers to attend Chapel to celebrate them. These ministers and priests work in collaboration with us to deepen the faith of our students, and this is worth celebrating!  Our students see and experience that we embrace all that we have in common as Christians as we strive to deepen the faith of all of our students. Principal Steve Hammond shared, “This is one of the most special chapels that we have throughout the entire year. When pastors and ministers from many different Christian denominations come together in an expression of unity for the faith, growth and development of children, it is a remarkably special time.”
We had a number of ministers and priests join us at Chapel on Wednesday, January 16. Thank you to the following for sharing their morning with us: Pastor Matt Childress, Brentwood Baptist Church; Mrs. Van Leeuwen, Freemason Street Baptist Church; Father Kevin Fimian, Our Lady of Victory Chapel; Father Win Lewis, Christ and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church; Reverend John Rohrs, St. Andrews Episcopal Church; Father Scott Hennessy, St. Paul's Episcopal Church; Doctor Rick Goeres, First Lutheran Church; Reverend Rimer, Larchmont United Methodist Church; Reverend Randall Timmerman, Larchmont United Methodist Church; Pastor Melvin McCleese, New Life Providence Church; Reverend Melody  Tanner, Ghent United Methodist Church