Celebrating African American History Month

At Chapel on Wednesday, February 7, Head of School Lauren Mazzari led our Wolfhound community in a reflection highlighting African American History Month. She invited students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the stories, struggles, and triumphs of African Americans throughout the month of February. 

As she connected her reflection with this week's Gospel, the message was clear: “We are called to give thanks for the courage and resilience of African American leaders and visionaries, who have paved the way for justice, equality, and freedom. Their voices echo through history, inspiring us to continue the journey toward a world where all are treated with dignity and respect. May we learn from the past, engage with the present, and commit to shaping a future where every person is valued and empowered. Grant us the wisdom to listen, the humility to learn, and the courage to act, so that we may truly embody God’s call to love our neighbor as ourselves.”

This year’s theme for African American History Month is We Are Connected Through JOY: Spotlight on Arts and Athletics. With activities like African American History Month trivia and door-decorating contests, music highlights from Mrs. Dionne Smith, and weekly speakers from both the Art and Athletic world, students at Saint Patrick Catholic School will have the opportunity to better understand the immeasurable impact our African American community has had on our nation. 

Please click HERE to view a full list of unique learning opportunities organized by Middle School Director Akilah Ellison. Happy African American History Month!