Surfing Safely

On Tuesday, December 5, Saint Patrick Catholic School welcomed Jesse Weinberger to campus to discuss internet safety with our Wolfhound parents. Mrs. Weinberger travels around the country to schools, parents, and organizations to offer guidance and resources for keeping children and families safer online. In addition to meeting with parents, Mrs. Weinberger met with students in fourth through eighth grades the day before and tailored her parent presentation around the questions and concerns students shared with her.

Staying safe online is truly a community effort and takes the knowledge, education, and diligence of students, parents, and educators to achieve this goal. Mrs. Weinberger spoke honestly about the pervasive nature of online predators and inappropriate content and the importance of both prevention and open family dialogue around such issues. She stressed the importance of knowing where and how children can come in contact with strangers online, find harmful content (even unintentionally), and how both parents and children need to safeguard their personal information on the internet. 

Raising awareness around internet safety and offering strategies to remain safe online are vital in the digital age. Children are being introduced to the online world younger than ever before and we, as a Wolfhound community, need to understand how to exist in this space in a safe and responsible way. Parents were thankful to Saint Patrick for bringing this issue to the forefront and for inviting Jesse Weinberger to join us on campus to facilitate an open and honest discussion around this difficult topic.