Parent Volunteers Lead By Example

Saint Patrick Catholic School would not function as a vibrant school community without the support of our generous parent volunteers. Our parents lead by example and put the Life of Vocation into practice by giving their time and talent to support the School's mission. Parents serve as coaches, classroom assistants, field trip chaperones, community helpers, Evenings at Saint Patrick instructors, theater set designers, and in many other important ways. As we begin a new school year, we would like to highlight a group of parent volunteers that will help bring our Wolfhound closer together and keep all of our Wolfhound parents “in the know!”

Our Parent Ambassadors have been asked to serve as liaisons between the School and our parent community. Their responsibilities include promoting the mission, vision, and culture of Saint Patrick, encouraging prospective families to attend Snapshot tours, communicating with fellow parents about upcoming events and news, and encouraging their fellow parents to join them at the Returning Thanks Breakfast on Thursday, November 16. The Parent Ambassador Program will not take the place of class pages or school-wide communications, but rather give us all the opportunity to grow closer as a community by providing another channel for information and communication.

We have received a lot of great feedback on how to grow and improve the program and are excited to have a mix of new and “veteran” ambassadors serving as the face of their respective grade levels. We are deeply appreciative of these Wolfhound parents who have stepped into this role and welcome others to contact us if they are interested in helping our community in this way. If you have any questions about the Parent Ambassador Program, please reach out to Dan Pellegrino at
2023-2024 Parent Ambassadors
  • PreK: Kenzie Edwards, Tracy Masterson, Colleen Mollison, and Kelsey Sarcone
  • Kindergarten: Rick French and Heather Riesenberger
  • First Grade: Katie Howlett and Adrienne Whittle
  • Second Grade: Katie Baker and Duffy Danish
  • Third Grade: Rachel Mullet-Kline and Devon Uiterwyk
  • Fourth Grade: Hilary Alessi and Brie Guerra
  • Fifth Grade: Lorraine Bott and Emily Uhl
  • Sixth Grade: Charlotte Hannah and Janet Kim
  • Seventh Grade: Emily Moser and TBA
  • Eighth Grade: Karen Anderson and Candace Seidensticker
If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved and what other opportunities are available, please click HERE! Thank you!