Principal For a Day

Parents may have noticed at morning drop-off on Friday May 12th that Saint Patrick had a new, and noticeably smaller, staff member. Despite his size,Third Grade student Rhys Huston did an outstanding job filling his big principal shoes! Rhys was the Cabaret Night’s Silent Auction winner of “principal for a day.” Grateful for the help, Mrs. Mazzari made sure Rhys kept busy! He greeted parents and students with a smile and posed for a few photos with the paparazzi. They then rushed to her office for a quick Advancement meeting with Board member Chuck McPhillips, but had to leave the meeting early to welcome families for the Kindergarten musical.

Rhys, an experienced performer, (perhaps you saw him as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast) grabbed the microphone, stood in the spotlight, and introduced the play, Hats by John Jacobson and John Higgins, with perfect aplomb. At the end of the show, he donned a jester hat and thanked all those involved in another brilliant performance! 

Young Principal Huston and Mrs. Mazzari visited all of the classrooms, and he shared his proclamation, announcing that Tuesday, May 16th would be ”wear your favorite jersey day!” Truly, leadership came naturally to him, and he seemed most comfortable sitting in the Boardroom learning more about the job. Principal Huston even mastered the walkie talkie, communicating with Assistant Head of School Jamye Brown. Mrs. Mazzari admits she fought the temptation to say “ Houston, we have a problem” the entire time!

He ended his brief headship by closing lunch with a prayer, announcing birthdays, and dismissing students by grades. When asked during lunch if he wanted to be a principal when he grew up, he whispered his answer (so as not to hurt Mrs. Mazzari’s feelings), “No way, it’s too much work!”  Fortunately, young Mr. Huston has many options ahead of him!