The Eighth Grade Presents The Stations of the Cross

In recognition of Holy Thursday, the Eighth Grade class presented The Stations of the Cross for all Saint Patrick Catholic School students, faculty, and staff on April 6th.  Offered during two consecutive chapel celebrations to accommodate the entire school, the Stations of the Cross presentation was produced and performed entirely by our Eighth Grade students. Not only is The Stations of the Cross presentation a highlight of our Lenten season, but it serves as an integral part of the Eighth Grade Experience.

The program began with a welcome and the opening song “Above All.” The presentation of each of the fourteen stations followed. As each station was presented, several costumed students depicted each scene in silhouette, while others provided accompanying dialogue. To give the audience time to reflect, a responsorial song performed by the Eighth Grade music team was sung between each station. The presentation concluded with the singing of “Were You There.” This powerful presentation helped illustrate how Christ’s suffering and death was the ultimate sacrifice for all of us.

Thank you to the Class of 2023 and all of the faculty and staff that helped make The Stations of the Cross presentation possible. We hope everyone in our Wolfhound community has a very Happy Easter!

Please click here to view the full presentation.