Celebrating Black History Month

Every February, the U.S. celebrates Black History Month to honor the contributions, sacrifices, and triumphs of its Black citizens. This is not only a time of reflection, but an opportunity to explore ways to be more inclusive throughout the New Year and beyond.
To help kick off our month-long celebration at Saint Patrick Catholic School, fifth grade student Nadia H. performed an oral recitation of “Harlem” by Langston Hughes and sixth grade student Emerie K. read “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou after Mass on Wednesday, February 1st. Both poems offer unique perspectives and give context to the ongoing evolution of the Black experience. (Click here for video.)
Saint Patrick Catholic School is guided by the principles that “all are welcome” and that “no one falls outside the mantle of God’s love.” We are blessed by our diverse community and celebrate every Wolfhound for exactly who they are. We have additional activities planned throughout the month of February, but would like to thank these two Wolfhound students for helping us kick off Black History Month and adding their voices to this important conversation.