Finding Solutions

Saint Patrick Catholic School has always been focused on providing a quality, total formative education, but our goal is to offer students more than the tools to excel academically. Our teachers want every child to grow and enhance their critical thinking skills, so they can not only meet life’s inevitable challenges, but find and implement sound solutions to them as well. This is what it means to find success in the Life of Mind.
Margaret Lassalle, a member of the Wolfhound Class of 2015 and a senior at the College of William & Mary, was recently published in the Virginian-Pilot as a guest columnist. She wrote a piece addressing the teacher shortage in Virginia and across the greater United States. Margaret argues that there needs to be more local, state, and national programs adopted to incentivize young people to enter the field of education. As an aspiring educator majoring in psychology and minoring in linguistics, Margaret Lassalle is an important voice in this ongoing discussion. She has already served in the classroom as a substitute at Saint Patrick and other area schools and plans to pursue a master’s in elementary education with a certificate in special education at William & Mary.
Read her column here and see how Margaret Lassalle is living out both the Life of Mind and Life of Vocation as she begins her career in education.