Saint Patrick Spelling Bee

Seventeen students from the Seventh and Eighth grades competed in the annual Saint Patrick Spelling Bee on Monday, January 10. The words were courtesy of the National Spelling Bee Association. Students were asked to spell words from levels one through three. After three rounds only two students remained – Eight Grade student Jonathan L, and Seventh Grade student Morgan S. It came down to one word - “mystified” – and Jonathan wasn’t. He was the last man standing.
Jonathan will represent Saint Patrick in the virtual WHRO Regional Spelling Bee on February 19. The regional competition will include words of Latin, Greek, and various other origins. You can follow the competition’s progress on the WHRO Facebook page. This is where the winner will be announced. 

G-O-O-D   L-U-C-K   J-O-N-A-T-H-A-N!