A Historic Day

Wednesday, March 5th was a historic day at Saint Patrick Catholic School. Many famous Americans “visited” Saint Patrick when Mrs. Traylor's and Mrs. Smith’s Third Grade classes hosted the 4th Annual Wax Museum. Parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends gathered in the Theater to tour the Wax Museum and hear all about the lives of famous Americans throughout history. 
These Third Grade students worked very hard for weeks researching the personal history of their chosen historical figure. The project had two parts: to write a biographical essay, and then, to write a speech in the voice of their American. In preparation for the museum, students gave their speeches in front of their classmates. And then it was showtime! Donning impressive costumes, the Third Graders took their spots in the Theater and waited for customers to make them come alive by pressing the button, a sticker, on each of their hands. At the close of the Wax Museum, the famous Americans were quite tired – some had given their speech over thirty times.
Some interesting facts learned:

Abraham Lincoln’s mother died after drinking the milk of a poisoned cow.

Neil Armstrong was quite shy and did not like being in the spotlight.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor received a scholarship to Princeton University. She became a judge at the age of 38 and later became the first Hispanic and Latina Justice of the Supreme Court.
From our founding fathers to famous athletes, from astronauts and industry leaders to social activists, it was very impressive group of extraordinary Americans. These Third Grade students clearly embraced this project and had a lot of fun in the learning process. See all of the American heroes who visited today.