Number of years you have been a student at Saint Patrick: 7 years
Favorite Quote: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” - Dr. Seuss
If you were to come back to our school in 10 years, what is something you hope would still be happening at Saint Patrick? I would hope that the 8th grade panel presentation and Total Formation is still here in 10 years. (Panel presentations are completed at the end of the 8th grade year, where the student presents a speech in front of a panel of adults, reflecting on his/her “total formation” while at Saint Patrick  - growth in the “Life ofs” – Life of Relationship, Life of Mind, Life of Spirit, Life of Vocation, and the Physical Life).
What is your favorite food served in the Dining Hall? Chicken Alfredo
Favorite field trip: The canoe trip in 6th grade was my favorite!
Activities you participated in while at Saint Patrick: Volleyball, Cross Country
My favorite memory from a Wolfhound activity: My favorite memory is of the inside jokes we had on the Saint Patrick Green Volleyball Team!
The thing that most makes me a Wolfhound is…I attend the school.