A Wolfhound Walk – Parent Partnering Session (MIDDLE SCHOOL)

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Shana O’Boyle
A Wolfhound Walk
Parent Partnering Program
Saint Patrick Catholic School has a foundational document which defines some of the most important learning precepts in the course of one's lifetime. It is called The Saint Patrick Catholic School Graduate at Graduation, (Grad at Grad) and is composed of 47 student invitations to choose quality in their lives.
Through Guidance lessons and Counselor Chats, students are presented with opportunities to explore and discuss these learning precepts, which have been grouped into monthly themes. Throughout the month of January students have engaged in discussions and learning activities centered on Wellness – specifically social and emotional wellness.
Middle School Parents, please join us on Tuesday February 12th at 8:00 AM in the Media Center for A Wolfhound Walk parent session where parents will:
  • Learn more about the unique culture of Saint Patrick Catholic School and how it supports Wellness in all areas of children’s’ lives
  • Have an opportunity to participate in the same learning activities and discussions as the students
  • Learn more about A Wolfhound Walk parent resource and how parents can participate at home
We look forward to partnering with you in empowering children with the tools, worldviews and value systems they can use throughout their lifetime.
Please RSVP to Shana O'Boyle at soboyle@stpcs.org or (757) 213-0824.

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