A number of our Middle School students attended the Operation Smile “U-Lead” Conference on Tuesday, August 21. This half-day conference, part of Operation Smile Student Programs, focused on introducing leadership concepts and skills to the students, and how they can apply these to real-world problems. Our students in attendance are active in the Saint Patrick Operation Smile Club. They already demonstrate leadership qualities and will introduce the new skills and concepts that they learned at the conference to the members of the Operations Smile Club at their first meeting this year.  
The Operation Smile Club, sponsored by Middle School Religion Teacher Marilyn Ertel, is open to any Middle School student who has an interest in global philanthropy. These student ambassadors raise awareness and funds for the mission of Operation Smile. Last year, The Saint Patrick Operation Smile Club hosted a number of fundraising events including Soccer for Smiles and an OpSmile Dodge Ball Tournament. These events brought in over $5,400 to benefit Operation Smile, covering over 22 life-saving surgeries for children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate. If you are interested in joining this club, please see Mrs. Ertel for a registration form.
Special recognition to our Operation Smile Club members (pictured here) who took time out of their summer vacation to attend this worthwhile conference.