Learning Outside the Classroom

Our Saint Patrick Catholic School community is blessed with a state-of-the-art facility and beautiful grounds, but it’s our amazing faculty and staff that brings the curriculum to life each and every day. To educate the whole child - mind, body, and spirit - we offer a dynamic and total formative experience that empowers students to become lifelong learners. This model often takes our Wolfhounds out of the classroom and into the larger world to discover new ideas and enjoy truly unique opportunities.

Starting in PreK, our youngest Wolfhounds start each morning on The Green and begin learning important lessons through play. They learn how to build relationships with teachers and fellow classmates and relish the fun of being physically active. Our First Grade students expand their Life of Mind by studying the life cycle of butterflies, nurturing them from the larva stage to the moment the butterflies are released into the wild. Fourth Grade students explore Virginia history by taking a yearly trip to Jamestown. Sixth Grade started the new school year with an exciting field trip on the Chesapeake Bay. They investigated biotic and abiotic factors of the bay, identified organisms using field guides, and performed water quality tests to ensure the bay was a healthy habitat. 

Finally, as the Class of 2024 began their final year at Saint Patrick Catholic School, the Eighth Grade embarked on their annual retreat. This two-day adventure had them ziplining at Camp Silver Beach, celebrating a sunrise Mass on the beach, and spending time with the migrant farmworker community on the Eastern Shore. This is the first of several off-campus trips these students will take as part of their Eighth Grade Experience which helps the class grow closer and form special bonds that will last a lifetime!

These are just a few examples of how our Wolfhound students are learning outside the classroom. The Physical Life is put into practice on the athletic fields, the Life of Spirit is set aglow in each child through weekly Chapel and Mass, and the Life of Vocation is modeled and celebrated through countless student-led service projects throughout the year. Every aspect of our program is highly intentional, and the faculty and staff at Saint Patrick Catholic School remain dedicated to giving every child the opportunity to become a Christ-centered, compassionate servant leader.