Legati Leading the Way

On Wednesday, May 24th we held a special lunch in the Outdoor Classroom to celebrate the 60 Middle School students that participated in Legati this year. Legati is Latin for “ambassador” and these students have embodied the meaning of this word in a variety of important ways. Our Legati served as hosts at events like the Returning Thanks Breakfast by opening doors and walking guests across campus, they led Snapshot tours by guiding attendees around the school and speaking to their experiences in the five Life of’s, and welcomed Evenings at Saint Patrick participants for a night of fun. 

These Middle School students not only make everyone that passes through our doors feel welcome, but they grow in their public speaking skills and are “the face” of Saint Patrick Catholic School to many in the greater Hampton Roads community. We truly appreciate all of their hard work and are grateful for the opportunity to acknowledge these young servant leaders.