A Day in the Life of Middle School

Not many of us are clamoring to relive our Middle School days, but Head of School Lauren Mazzari eagerly volunteered to do just that! Over four days in February, our Middle School students welcomed Mrs. Mazzari (a.k.a. “Samantha”) as a new classmate as she took the opportunity to experience Middle School from within and observe the faculty and students in a truly unique way. She spent time with each grade level and transitioned to every class as if she were one of our young Wolfhound students.

Fifth Grade had her playing basketball in PE with Mr. Ryan, participating in a lab experiment in Mrs. Gallegos’ science class, and learning irregular verbs in Señora Hartson’s Spanish class. In Sixth Grade she met Sammy the Snake in Miss Rossi’s religion class, sat in on a lesson in reading comprehension with Mrs. Boas, and gained some math insights from Mr. Price. “Samantha” joined Seventh Grade for music class with Mrs. Smith, studied the history of the Progressive Era with Mrs. Boas, and took an English test in Mrs. Wright’s class. After comparing Protists with Dr. Strauss and reflecting on the six Pillars of Nonviolence with Ms. Ertel, she closed out the day with a Spanish-only class with Señora Mueller.

Mrs. Mazzari’s time with the Eighth Grade began with Middle School Assembly before learning the untold story of St. Georges de Chevalier (also called the Black Mozart) in music class. The day continued in English with Mrs. Wright, hearing students read and respond to an excerpt of Night by Elie Wiesel in which a man played a piece by Beethoven on his violin just before dying. Mrs. Wright followed up with a poem by Miklos Randoti called “Forced March.” Mrs. Mazzari was impressed by the student's empathy and understanding of the horrors experienced during the Holocaust and found their insights profound for their age. Her Eighth Grade experience concluded with a civics test given by Mr. Price.

Lauren Mazzari was “so impressed by the creative lessons and by the interaction between both the students and their peers, and between the students and their teachers.” She is planning to visit the Lower School in the coming weeks, but if you would like to read further about Mrs. Mazzari’s time in Middle School, please click on the links below: