Never Forget

On Monday morning, Saint Patrick Catholic School students, faculty, and staff gathered in the Theater for a September 11th ceremony. This moving reflection was held in memory of the lives lost that day, and in recognition of the courage manifested by our first responders.
The program began as three Middle School students processed in with the American flag. Celtic Council President, Olivia K., shared a prayer before Head of School Lauren Mazzari reflected on this fateful day. Twenty-one years ago, Mrs. Mazzari was living with her family in Montclair, New Jersey, and working at a school in Lower Manhattan, to which many of the parents commuted each day. She addressed the darkness, confusion, and loss on September 11th, but focused on the power of coming together in the face of tragedy. She said we all witnessed “people rising to great heights with acts of kindness and bravery.”
After Mrs. Mazzari’s remarks, students took turns reading “The Little Chapel That Stood” as Mrs. Dionne Smith played “Ashoken Farewell” on the cello. This beautiful story tells the story of the historic chapel located less than 100 yards from where the Twin Towers stood.
Following the reading, nineteen students who have a loved one in the military or serving as a first responder laid a single red rose at the base of the American flag representing each year since 9/11. The ceremony concluded with Mrs. McPhillips and Mrs. Aldridge leading the community in the singing of “America the Beautiful”.
We will never forget.