Building On A Memory

On Sunday, April 18, Saint Patrick Catholic School alumni Clark Cummings, Lincoln March, Matthew McCullough, Ashton Randolph, and Jack Copeland met at the school to construct a bench that had been donated in memory of Lincoln’s father, Hoyt March. Sadly, Hoyt passed away last spring. He was a loving father, great friend, and a wonderful and supportive member of our Wolfhound Family. Funds for the bench were donated by the parents of students in the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2022.
The bench has been placed under the birch trees facing the Little Sprouts Garden, a project that was very close to Hoyt’s heart. Hoyt volunteered many hours at Saint Patrick over the years, teaching the students about planting, weeding, and caring for the Earth. Hoyt also donated thousands of flowers for plantings, vegetables for the garden, soil, and mulch for the school through his nursery. The amount raised far exceeded the cost of the bench and the remaining funds will be used for a sign for the Little Sprouts Garden, and future Little Sprouts projects and plantings. A dedication of the bench is currently being planned.