Welcome Wolfhounds!

We kicked off the first full day of school on Monday, August 26 with a school-wide Assembly. Our new Celtic Council President, Cameron S., opened with a inspirational prayer. Principal Steve Hammond welcomed all Wolfhounds old and new. Special recognition was given to the Kindergarten students in the front rows and all of the additions to our Wolfhound family - students new to the school, our Colombian exchange students from The Rochester School, and our new faculty and staff members. “I want you to think of Saint Patrick as a home where we take care of each other,” Principal Hammond said in this remarks. Encouraging mindfulness, he said, “The present is the greatest present we have. Be in the moment. Take the goodness of the moment and celebrate it.” Dan Pellegrino, Development Coordinator (and talented musician) joined Mr. Hammond on stage to close the Assembly. They set a joyful tone for the school year with a sing-a-long of "Live, Laugh, Love”.  As we launch our 15th year of "identifying, nurturing, and celebrating the gifts of each child," we look forward to a great school year!