Add Author to His List of Accomplishments...

Mr. Christopher Kypros, Saint Patrick Music Director and Teacher, can now add “author” to his long list of accomplishments. A classically trained pianist, composer, actor, singer, father, and beloved grandfather, Mr. Kypros is now a published author. Inspired by his granddaughter, Lullaby for Alana has an uplifting message of Divine support and protection, and is a perfect, comforting bedtime story that is sure to be loved by children and parents alike. It even includes a beautiful musical accompaniment composed by Mr. Kypros.

Lullaby for Alana
Alana has a problem. She can’t go to sleep! For several nights now, her mommy and daddy have tried to help. They’ve rubbed her back and sung her favorite songs, still, she hardly gets any sleep at all. But what Alana doesn’t know is that her guardian angel is very near…and something wonderful is about to happen.

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